DIY - Asymmetric Blazer Dress

unworthily “Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.” – Oscar Wilde

taperingly So I’ve had this lovely navy 100% Italian wool fabric for years now. Literally! I had bought quite a lot of it from one of my favorite fabric stores Fishman’s Fabrics, when I lived in Chicago. I initially made a blazer, which was a sample for a collection and I had quite a lot left over. I couldn’t decide for a long time what to do with the leftover fabric but I didn’t want to make another blazer. Eventually I settled on an off-the-shoulder blazer dress. 

I drafted the pattern from a trench coat pattern for the princess seams. Then cut the hem and off-shoulder to make them asymmetrical, as I didn’t want it to be the average blazer dress. I accessorized the look with a shawl that I made out of a faux fur and satin, along with a pair of DIY tulle socks.