Nelson Makamo - "BOTHO MOTHO BATHO"

“You are not my fans, you are my inspiration.” – Nelson Makamo

Nelson Makamo is a young South African artist from Modimolle in Limpopo. I first came across his work in 2017 at the Turbine Art Fair. Makamo’s primary mediums are acrylic, watercolour, oil and his signature medium charcoal. I am always awestruck by the bold emphasis of the eyes in his portrait paintings. I have noticed that a lot of his portraiture centers around childhood, which is what I thinks gives me a joyous feeling whenever I see his work.

Makamo recently held a solo exhibition of his work at the new Botho Project Space, where he also has a studio space. It was titled, where can i buy Lyrica tablets “BOTHO, MOTHO, BATHO”, which loosely translates to the notion that as humans, we are who we are, because of the people around us. This exhibition chronicled his work over 15 years since his first solo exhibition. His work is largely inspired by his travels through Africa and seeks to redress images that have addressed African children as destitute. Here is just a glimpse of the exhibition.