Dada Khanyisa - " GOOD FEELINGS"

“Sometimes people look pretty and then the card will ‘decline’.” – Dada Khanyisa

I recently had the opportunity to visit Dada Khanyisa’s first solo exhibition at the Stevenson Gallery titled, Andong Good Feelings. It was my first time experiencing their work and I loved it! Not only was it amazing to see how intricately they worked with wood, but also the story and conversation created by their work.  

left Good Feelings is a 3D collection displaying finished pieces made of mixed mediums, including wood, real fabrics and jewelry. It depicts different characters in social settings where the figures are carefuly crafted out of the wood. The whole collection creates a conversation between the characters and can be interpreted in different ways by the viewer. It also depicts everyday lived-in spaces such as the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, which Dada presents as “extensions of personhood.” The bedroom scene is referential of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’, “Untitled” (billboard of an empty bed), as well the Girl with a Pearl Earring, where Dada actually uses a pearl earring in their painting.

It certainly was a successful debut solo exhibition for Dada, and I am eager to see more of their works in the future. Because this one definitely gave me Good Feelings.