DIY - Denim Cargo Pants

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Cargo pants are one of those trends that I have stayed away from in the past. Mainly because I could never find a good fit and I’ve always felt that they made me look stocky. But with the return of the trend, I saw a lot of enviable styles that I really wanted to try. So I decided to make myself a pair, my way. 

I made my pair with a light denim fabric, because really, denim goes with almost anything. I updated the classic cargo pant style with a high-waisted fit to elongate my torso and made the pockets a little longer as well. This makes the pants both stylish and functional. I went with the white stitching to accentuate the details on the pants, which I think also makes for a nice contrast to the dark blue denim. I can already imagine several looks to wear with these pants, and I see myself wearing them into winter.

The top is also DIY made out of a printed Ankara fabric. I drafted the patterns for both pieces from my own patterns.